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Anionic Flocculants bm Solution WPA-5205

Update Terakhir
24 / 01 / 2022
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1 Kilogram (Kg)


Perusahaan pengelolaan filter air yang terpercaya menghasilkan air bersih layak dikonsumsi.
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Detail Anionic Flocculants Bm Solution WPA-5205

bmSOLUTION WPA-5205 media filter Anionic Flocculants GENERAL DESCRIPTION bmSOLUTION WPA-5205 is a high molecular weight anionic polyacrylamide flocculants supplied as a free-flowing granular powder. bmSOLUTION WPA-5205 Has been developed as flocculants or coagulant aid for raw water and wastewater treatment. Can be applied for many kind industries in clarification treatment and potable water, suspension sedimentation treatment of wastewater treatment from various industries such as sugar factory, textile, mining, paper process, tannery, food effluent etc. TYPICAL PRODUCT PROPERTIES Physical form : White granular powder pH ( 0.1 % Sol.) at 250C : 6.5 ± 1.0 Viscosity ( 0.1% ) : 100 ± 50 Cps Bulk Density : 0.85 g/ cm3 ( 56 lbs/ ft3) min. APPLICATION bmSOLUTION WPA-5205 is recommended to feed as neat solution into pond or sump where good distribution and mixing can be assured. Combined application with inorganic coagulant shows superior performance generally. DOSAGE AND  CONTROL Normal treatment dosage will vary based on water volume. However, good control will depend on the type of pond, operating condition, nature and extent of contamination and degree of control required. Please consult Behn Meyer representative for proper control requirements for your specific application. HANDLING PROCEDURE Wear safety face shields or goggles, rubber gloves, long pants and long sleeve shirt when handling. Please refer Material Safety Data Sheets for details on health and safety information. PACKAGING bmSOLUTION WPA-5205 is available in 20 kg / box 

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