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Cairan Pencuci Membran Belcleane 501

Update Terakhir
01 / 11 / 2022
Min. Pembelian
1 Kilogram (Kg)


Perusahaan pengelolaan filter air yang terpercaya menghasilkan air bersih layak dikonsumsi.
Menyediakan Mesin Ro Air Laut, Mesin Ro Air Payau, Mesin Desalinasi Air Laut, Mesin Penyulingan Air Laut, Mesin Pengolah Air Laut Menjadi Air Tawar, Mesin Swromesin Ro Murah, Jual Pasir Silika Murah, Agen Pasir Silika, Distributor Pasir Silika.

Detail Cairan Pencuci Membran Belcleane 501

Chemical Water Treatment CAIRAN PENCUCI MEMBRAN FILTER BELCLEANE 501 1.0 Introduction Belcleane 501 is used to dissolve and remove water formed hardness deposits from metal equipment and RO membrane. Belcleane 501 is a blend of inhibited organic acid and wetting agents. The specially selected wetting agent enhance the removal of deposits by their surface active properties. The colour indicator and foaming provides a simple means for determining whether the strength of Belcleane 501 solution is adequate for effective cleaning. 2.0 Typical Properties 3.0 Handling Safety Appearance clear liquid Density 1.0 1.2 pH 1 solution min 1 0 Boiling point N A Rojen Chemicals maintains a database of material safety data sheets MSDS on all our products. These contain health safety information to assist in the safe and appropriate chemical handling ensuring the protection of personnel 4.0 Packaging Available in 30 kg pails. 5.0 Dosage Recommended dosage requirement is 10 20 of the weight of the water volume depend on the scale thickness. For RO membrane the dosage is 8 12 of the weight of the water volume. 6.0 Handling Belcleane 501 is acid base do not get in eyes. Do not swallow. In case of contact immediately flush eyes with plenty of water for at least 15 minutes. 

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